About Us

About us

School Hub has been developed over the last four years by Blue Chilli an award-winning marketing agency with a reputation earned in the commercial world working with clients ranging from start-ups to SME's and multi-nationals in both public and private sector.

Like our clients (and the schools we work with) we enjoy what we do, we have a genuine passion for providing the best work possible and we pride ourselves on our exemplary service and smart thinking - it's this that genuinely sets us apert.

In September 2010, our attention was drawn to the education sector by the frustration of one of our Directors, who couldn't understand why his children's school was so badly represented by their website and how disjointed the flow of communications were from the school to parents. A conversation with the school quickly showed that the school shared his frustrations and were being let down by a site that was difficult to manage and littered with outdated technologies.

We set about fixing this situation for them... the awnswer was a brand new site that would best reflect the school and their pupils. We also threw in some useful communication tools to help them keep in touch with parents, governors and staff more effectively and more economically.

The school were delighted and so were we. Our commercial expertise had enabled us to give a school an outstanding online presence and that was a great feeling. So we set about researching the education sector and started to build on our ideas and the result is School Hub.